SMWS 93.207 (Glen Scotia)

We attempted to find samples of the other releases from this month's outturn that we've yet to review, but unfortunately, most were not available at the venues. However, we did manage to secure a dram of today’s review, a 32-year-old Glen Scotia.

SMWS 93.207 (Glen Scotia)

Region: Campeltown

ABV: 52.0%

Price: £750 

Distilled 1st October 1991, this release was laid to rest in a 2nd fill bourbon barrel for 32 years before being bottled in an outturn of 132 bottles.


Initially, the nose is quite reserved. Over time, it opens up to reveal vanilla essence, toasted oak, sea spray, brine, and orange marmalade, accompanied by a faint hint of Campbeltown funk, tobacco and wet pebbles. There are also notes of a fish supper (minus the chips), golden syrup, turmeric, and lime juice. There’s plenty of cask influence here, but it hasn’t completely overshadowed the spirit character. The alcohol is well integrated and we’d happily sit here nosing this all day.


The palate closely mirrors the nose, showcasing significant cask influence with flavours of vanilla essence, oak, candy floss, cooking apples, and simple syrup. There's also a subtle hint of Campbeltown character with some peppered mackerel, and tobacco. The finish is medium in length, with a synthetic sweetness and peppery spice lingering. It doesn’t taste its ABV, and offers a good mouthfeel with a slight oiliness. Overall, it’s a lovely, easy-drinking whisky, though perhaps a bit simple.

Nose (with water)

Adding water hasn't significantly altered the nose of this dram. There is now a slight vinegar-like off note, but it remains in the background. New aromas of candle wax and icing sugar have appeared, while the more coastal aspects of the dram are pushed to the background. Other than that, the profile continues to be dominated by sweetness, accompanied by a touch of the aforementioned Campbeltown funk.

Palate (with water)

The mouthfeel has held up to dilution, but the dram has become significantly woodier. The finish is still medium length, but now the spice lingers longer than the sweeter notes. There's also much more citrus now, particularly lime and some grapefruit bitterness. Personally, we'd recommend skipping water with this one.


We enjoyed this dram; it's dangerously easy to drink but unfortunately lacks some complexity. Honestly, if you're interested in this style, you might be just as well served looking at some of the younger bourbon cask releases the society puts out from Glen Scotia. You could find something equally easy to drink and possibly even more complex and interesting.

Score: 7/10


Personally if we wanted this bottle we’d wait for a sale or try to pick this one up cheaper on the secondary market.

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