SMWS 29.283 - Laphroaig 9yo

SMWS 29.283 - Laphroaig 9yo

Whisky: SMWS 29.283 - Laphroaig 9yo

Region: Islay

ABV: 60.1%

Price: £75

Next up we’re reviewing a 9 year old 2nd fill bourbon barrel Laphroaig, 29.283, or as the society calls it “Samuraislay”. 


This is costal sea air, bath salts, apple, butter, and fresh cut grass. No this doesn’t sound like a Laphroaig, but don’t worry we also get iodine, smoke and all the other notes you’d expect from this distillery.


On the palate we’re getting charcoal, burnt sugar, grilled sea bass, iodine, petrol, Sweet smoky bbq glaze, and pipe tobacco. There’s a really nice oily texture to the mouth feel.

Nose (with water)

The nose starts to open up gaining notes of burnt toast, cloves, toffee and smoked wood.

Palate (with water)

On the palate we find tar, seawater, rock salt, and smoke moving to the forefront. You may have a different opinion, but we prefer this without water.


While we’re not sure what the name here means, we are sure this is a great dram. It’s very spirit forward, but for those of us who appreciate that this is an absolutely delicious dram that blows comparable distillery releases out of the water. It’s just a shame we it’s a single cask and we can’t get another bottle. Off to the auction sites we go!

Score: 9/10 

  • 10 - Perfection. A whisky that we’ll remember forever.
  • 9 - Amazing. We’d pay through the nose for a bottle.
  • 8 - Great. Pick this up at RRP.
  • 7 - Good. Happy to have a dram or two but wouldn’t buy a bottle.
  • 6 - Passable. Would accept a dram, but wouldn’t seek it out.
  • 5 - Poor. Would drink if it was the only option.
  • 4 - Bad. Maybe it can be saved by ginger beer?
  • 3 - Awful. It can't be saved by ginger beer.
  • 2 - Pour it out
  • 1 - We’ve never tried a whisky rated this low and hopefully never will.

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